Imagine collapsing into your comfortable love seat after a hard day’s work to enjoy the sunset with your partner. The moment is tender. Perfect. Unique. You prop your feet up on an ottoman, take a sip of your California cabernet, but just as you begin to let the day go, the harsh glare from the setting sun abruptly ruins the moment. Rather than letting the rays yank you from the soothing atmosphere, simply tilt the louvers of your classic interior motorized shutters with a push of a button and relax back into your seat. Let Unique take control of your light with designer shutters and preserve your perfect moments.

Our normal and remote control shutters offer the class of old world luxury wedded with total light control to make a breathtaking design statement. Whether you choose the opulence of natural or painted hardwood or the convenience of faux wood or vinyl, interior shutters are sure to add just the right touch of distinction to your home.

Capture The Essence. Take Control of Your Light With Unique Window Treatments.


  • Louver Size: 2 1⁄2 3 1⁄2 & 4 1⁄2
  • Hardwood
  • Faux Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Track System
  • Arches and Specialty Shapes
  • Remote Control (Lithium Batteries Last 2-3 Years)
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