Smart Home

Do your windows need daily adjustment? Are they large and hard to reach? How would you like to enjoy the comfort and security of today’s technology to tackle all of these issues at once?

Would you like complete control over your homes’ atmosphere with the push of a button? How about conserving energy at the same time? With today’s advanced technology and lighting control systems it’s easy to have it all while simplifying your life.

motorized-window-treatmentsMotorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments are typically connected to an electric power source that feeds a motor. The motor raises and lowers your shades or tilts the louvers on your blinds. Your unique configuration and the level of control you seek will determine the type of wiring required.
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lighting-controlLighting Control

Lighting control systems in NJ and NY allow you to adjust both natural and man-made light in your space to create the perfect atmosphere time and time again. Unlike standard dimmers and light switches (NYC), lighting control systems are connected either through wires or wirelessly to a central command center. click here for our frequently asked questions section

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