Soft Shades

For a unique window covering that combines the grace of drapery with the resilience of shades, consider soft shades in bold jewel tones to peaceful neutrals. Soft shades come in any pattern you can imagine. Always in fashion and yet wonderfully functional. Diverse styles range from the tailored sensibility of a flat Roman shade to the billowy whimsy of an Austrian shade.

It’s about tailoring the perfect atmosphere and ambiance to make each day a pleasure. So add a little panache into your days and glamour into your nights. Relax into the atmosphere the perfect window treatment inspires.

Austrian Shade

Austrian shades feature a hem of gathered folds to create a soft line, particularly useful in rooms with hard surfaces like dining rooms and foyers to give a formal or traditional look. These shades offer a bit of whimsy to your home.

Balloon Shade

Balloon shades’ whimsical and billow poufs make any window a dramatic focal point to create the enchanting fantasy you yearn for.

Flat Roman Shade

These tailored fabric shades fold into crisp and classic lines when raised to create a classic and neat look for your window.

Relaxed Roman Shade

Relaxed roman shades gather into a gentle swag when raised to create a soft line for your window.

Soft Fold Roman (Cascade) Shade

The soft overlapping folds of these shades give the appearance of cascading fabric, adding gentle drama to your room.

London Roman Shade

For a look of old world elegance consider London roman shades. The fabric is almost smooth on top and cascades from inverted pleats or tucks to a fanciful freeform swag at the bottom.

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