Window Blinds

Shop for blinds from home with Windows By Unique. Try our window treatment concierge service. When you call or contact us we put you directly in touch with one of our tenured design professionals. Next, one of our designers makes an in-person visit to answer questions, demonstrate samples and take professional measurements. Give us a call and discover the best way to get window treatments in New York or New Jersey.

wood-blindsWood Blinds

Imagine how the simple twist of a louver wand can let in breathtaking light that splashes across your walls and fills every moment with pleasure. The radiance is golden. So soothing. So perfect. The perfect blinds can either bathe your kitchen with crisp morning light or diffuse the harsh afternoon glare in your den, creating that indescribable ambiance that makes your home the comfortable retreat you’ve always dreamed of.

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aluminum-blindsAluminum Blinds

Imagine diffused light gently filtering through blue shades like a sunbeam pushed through stained glass. It lingers brightly. Softly. Like the delicate caress of your high school sweetheart. It’s nostalgic yet pensive. Subtle yet moving. It’s perfect. And the right Unique shade can bring you this feeling any time you want.

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vertical-blindsVertical Blinds

Imagine the perfect combination of flair and durability and a soft shade becomes a discerning option. For a unique window covering that combines the grace of drapery with the resilience of shades, consider soft shades in bold jewel tones to tranquil neutrals in any pattern you can imagine.

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Blinds—from traditional wood to modern aluminum—can be the centerpieces of your home design, enabling your relationship with the natural light that fills you with joy and emotion. Available in a variety of styles, finishes, and colors from a custom luxury look to a restrained, more classic sensibility, your imagination is the only limit to how blinds can enhance your life. Consider using them alone for minimalist sophistication or combine them with drapes, valances, or top treatments for a more complex design aesthetic. Whatever mood you’d like to create—from a soothing private bedroom retreat to a fashionable energizing kitchen, blinds offer the most flexibility in room darkening, security, and UV ray protection.

However, while such a popular choice among American homeowners, so few people understand how to integrate the right blind for maximum light control with stunning window fashions that inspire awe and admiration.

A Unique home consultation will quickly determine the kinds of blinds you need in their native environment—not out of context in a super-store showroom. This means we can blend our suggestions with the intricacies of your home design to create the personal touch that makes your home so perfect—so personal and unique.

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