Vertical Blinds

Consider how impressive your home design can look with just a subtle change in perspective. Vertical blinds offer a more majestic and sophisticated look that makes you feel proud to be home. Imagine mixing them with horizontal blinds to create more depth and texture in your bigger rooms or use them exclusively to create the illusion of vertical space on your sliding glass doors.

Vertical blinds are a graceful choice for patio doors as well as sliding and wide windows—or any opening that’s wider than it is tall. These low-maintenance window coverings offer fantastic light control and are extraordinarily durable, which makes them the right choice for high traffic areas. Let the children go in and out the back door and maintain the elegant look you need to impress family and friends. Combine different vane materials like vinyl, metal and fabric in hundreds of colors to express who you are to the world or layer your windows with valances, shades, or swags for a versatile look that makes Mom jealous. Do you prefer an opulent royal styling or do you secretly fancy bohemian shabby chic?

By using vertical as well as horizontal blinds, you can even give each window a unique identity, while still maintaining an integrated design that will captivate and delight you in those quiet “Hallmark” moments.


  • Vinyl, Metal Or Fabric Vanes
  • Laminated Verticals
  • Valance To Cover The Head Rail
  • Motorized
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