Wood Blinds

Picture a comfortable study or a rustic kitchen and natural materials begin to make perfect sense. Unique specializes in tailoring custom treatments to life’s beautiful moments and nothing says warmth and luxury like natural wood blinds. Incorporate the light touches of oak to enhance the sun’s rays. So wonderful. So pleasurable. Or use mahogany to transform your home office into something more professional and dignified. Pair your wood blinds with the solid wood furniture for the feel of rustic elegance or with natural organic reed floor coverings for a greener, more natural look.

A striking array of wood species and finishes await the discerning homeowner. Such interesting textures. Such intricate grains. Wood blinds offer a sophisticated choice for any design. Since wood blinds also offer superior light control, you can protect your furniture and decor from harsh UV rays or diffuse the room with the warm glow of sunset. Different slat sizes, as well as a variety of wood species and finishes, couple with cornices, tapes and decorative trims to make wood blinds a versatile choice for homeowners who crave the sumptuousness of natural materials.

Enjoy a muted feeling for quiet introspection at midday or use sleek wood blinds to capture sunset’s power. Who says you can’t have it all?


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