Silhouette Shades

Silhouette shades offer the perfect balance between soul-affirming light and much-needed privacy for your home. Fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabric casings rotate with precision, allowing you to let as much—or as little—light in as you need. The sheer facing diffuses and filters light, ensuring you’re caressed by only the gentlest of rays while providing extra energy efficiency. And since Silhouette window shades completely disappear into the headrail when fully raised, they offer a clean line for flawless design. This elegant shade comes in a variety of fabrics and colors as well as 2″ and 3″ and now 4” vane sizes with the new Quartette™, which offers a more expansive view than ever before. With options like the UltraGlide® retractable cord system, EasyRise™ continuous cord loop system and battery operated PowerRise remote control, Silhouette offers as much modern convenience as subtle light control so you can create the perfect atmosphere in moments.


  • Size: 2” And 3” Slats
  • Single, Double And Triple Honeycomb
  • Four Levels Of Opacity: Opaque, Semi-Opaque, Sheer & Semi-Sheer
  • Bon Soir 
  • Arches and Specialty Shapes


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